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Monday, September 8, 2014

Dr. Tieman

July 2008- White Coat Ceremony Starting it All!

March 16, 2012- Match Day

The Skit!

Match Results!!!

Brad and Liz both matched at the University of Arizona

Josh matched to Good Samaritan in Phoenix

Mike matched to a program in West Virgina

Tank matched to a program in Temple, TX

Guatemalan Food after Match!

Graduation DAY! May 25, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something to think about

Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood. You’ll have many opportunities to change your mood, but you’ll never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke…

Wow, someone posted these words on Facebook today and they really stuck out to me! How very true this is. How often do we say things just to be hurtful in our anger or say things we don't really mean. Goal for myself: When upset, annoyed, frustrated try to remember that the things I say cannot be changed. Think before I speak. Figure out in my head what is the problem and then respectfully communicate that. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Calling Elk

This is a video from the night before season opened for archery elk; my dad and myself calling in elk. No you don't get to see any elk, but you can hear them! I love that sound!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching Up!

OK, so I have about a bazillion pictures and not a lot of time to post so I am doing a "catching up" post! Just a quick run down of all the fun things we have been up to over the last year or two!!!! :)

WARNING:  LOTS of Pictures!!!

Rach, Mich, and I! I love these girls!!

Purple day apparently at the Woodside reunion! Kateland & Ramsay!

FHE= Biore Nose Strips and Games at our downtown condo!

Ramsay let me curl her hair overnight using pieces of fabric!

Cake I made for the 3 girls b-days in August!

Caught a Horny Toad while Elk hunting with my dad! Didn"t get anything, but had a lot of fun!!!

Taking the girls to Fear Farm!!!
Family Halloween Party!
The Burch Family

Aunt Shanna & Eden
Josh & I
Mom & Alisyn
Aunt Shanna & Eden

Papa wrapping Emily up!

Granny wrapping Papa up!

My Dad the candy corn vampire
Kaleb & I

Museum trip with my sisters, nephews and some tieman cousins
Justin just being so cute!

Trevor was scared of the flsh flood and held on to aunt Shirley

We build a mammoth skeleton
Locked in Jail

Brad & Liz's wedding in Tucson

Renaissance Festival 

Kaden and I went hiking! Look, I can see my house!

Josh got me flowers for my birthday!!!

Conference camping!!!! Nati & some Hobbs children

Ramsay & I in our inflatable boat!
Roo on an island
It was beautiful
Rattle snake by the port-a-potty

Visiting our fave restaurant in Tucson! Its a Guatemalan place and we are friends with the owner

No words.... just my 2 youngest sisters!

Aubrey's baby shower!!

 I had Kaden for is 8th Birthday! We made cupcakes for him to take to Miss Lavon's

More cupcake making! Josh and I watched the Burch children while MeKell and Deke visited Papa in the Hospital!! We had a lot of fun!

Zoo trip with my sisters and mom! We got a membership & will definitely be doing it again!!!

Jared (and I, but mostly Jared :)  ) planned a Lake Powell fishing trip for Josh's birthday!

Helping Emily and Ramsay get ready for Prom! Before during and after shots!!! They both used my old prom dresses!

More FHE fun at our house! This night we did a tree of life lesson! The girls thought the tree looked like broccoli and the fruit was doughnuts 

Matsuri Festival Downtown!!!

We made a fancy feast for Valentine's Day! Very Fun! Josh cooked dinner and I did our drinks and dessert

Fishing with my sister's at Surprise Lake just a week or two before Zeke was born! Josh caught a fishing pole!

Josh and I also helped Alisyn build a to scale model of the solar system for her online home schooling! It was fun and we all learned something new!